Strategic Business EXIT PLANNING  

Strategic Business EXIT PLANNING  

What Is Your Business Worth?

What Is Your Business Worth?

Value Acceleration Methodology™

The Value Acceleration Methodology™ is your strategic framework for exit planning that makes the timing of an exit irrelevant! Get laser-focused on what you can do right now to grow the value of the business and drive revenue. 

Brian P. Callanan



Focus On Today

Plan To Exit On Your Own Terms

The Process

You will focus your approach on building a business with characteristics that drive value while integrating your personal and financial objectives into a solid Exit Strategy

Increase Company Value

Identify your six value drivers

Calibrate Your Compass

Set your compass to scale your business

Successful Exit Strategy

Create your customized business plan

VALUE ACCELERATION METHODOLOGY (TM), is a process of evaluating your business, identifying the six value drivers that become the map to improve and scale your business. Simultaneously, we will put together a customized business plan for your future.

Let's Connect. Follow Me On Social!

Let's Connect. Follow Me On Social!

Your Business Valuation Compass

  •  INCOME: Is your business your largest source of income?
  • ​ ACTIVITY: Are you actively working in your business?
  • ​ TIMEFRAME: Do you intend to sell your business within 3 years?
  • ​​ CLARITY: Would you like clarity on the REAL value of your business?
  • ​ VALUE: Do you want to know how to get MAXIMUM value for your business?

Who Knows What Your

Business Is Worth?

  • CPAs?
  • Lawyers?
  • Bankers?
  • ​ Financial Advisors?
  • Insurance Brokers? 
  • Risk Managers? 
  • Estate or Trust Planners?
  • NOT ONE OF THEM - that's the problem!

Brian P. Callanan is YOUR Personal Certified 

Exit Planning ADVISER! 

No, not one of them is a TRUE ADVOCATE

 for you - the business owner!

What Others Are Saying...

Brian is a gifted storyteller…one with passion and kindness. His personal stories will warm your heart. Taking care of your family and employees through business succession planning is a key component of proper planning. Brian outlines important concepts that can be easily overlooked.

John W. Cullum

CFP® Senior Advisor Charitable Estate Planning, Southeast American Heart Association

Wow! Brian Callanan has a lifetime of experience taking on bullies both personally and professionally. Now for the first time he shares his thoughts on how not to be "Bullied by Your Bank". He does it in a way that is entertaining, with a mix of personal stories that will make you laugh and cry. More importantly, he opens the door to the investment world and allows us to see what some of the common mistakes are with our investments, and provides us with suggestions that can help us make our hard-earned money last longer and even allow us to leave a legacy to the ones we love!

Randy Forrester 

FLL Chief Pilot Jet Blue

An excellent guide for planning your retirement and exit strategy for sale of your business. Don’t embark on either without considering Callanan’s knowledgeable advice. While reading it myself, friends and colleagues came to mind who would definitely benefit by reading this book. From preparing your business for a successful sale to estate planning for retirement and even philanthropic concerns, the important topics are addressed in this inclusive comprehensible read

R. Steven Gorden 

Senior Philanthropic Advisor – Florida St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

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